Equity & Social Justice

Family Serving Family

To the communities we serve,

As we witness the pain and outrage resulting from the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd, I want to assure you that the members of Eastside Fire & Rescue are also deeply troubled by this incident. I have been inspired by, and stand in support of, the thousands of peaceful protesters marching in the name of civil liberties. 

Eastside Fire & Rescue will not shy away from having difficult conversations and dialogue. We value and depend on the relationship between the community and our department. The trust that these connections build allow us to engage in meaningful discourse around events that evoke such a depth of emotion.

In these times of unrest, be assured that Eastside Fire & Rescue is committed to protecting the dignity and well-being of all people. Whether it is supporting and connecting with groups within our service area, or coordinating on a regional basis with other jurisdictions, we will do our part to make sure people of all backgrounds feel valued, safeguarded and respected.

Eastside Fire & Rescue’s mission and values ultimately focus on a goal of unified commitment; to the community, employees and partners. In support of this, we adopted the long-standing motto: “Family Serving Family”. It serves as the guiding principle in all we do.

We are here, to help, to learn and to grow. 

In unity,

Your EF&R Family