Excellence in Service - Dedication to Community 


  • Compassion 
  • Innovation 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Expertise 
  • Professionalism 


The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan sets the next priorities and goals for the department and a path forward to achievement. Eastside Fire & Rescue used information gathered from the people we serve and the employees of the department to set EF&R’s strategic objectives aligned to meet the needs of the community and reflect the people we serve. 

To gather input, a SWOC was conducted:

  • Response Operations Personnel (35 crews + BC Group)
  • Administrative Personnel from 6 divisions

To gather community feedback from all service areas of Eastside Fire & Rescue:

  • Collected 420 surveys 
  • Conducted six open houses 

Once the information was gathered the Strategic Advisory Committee, composed of business leaders, community representatives, and EF&R employees, formulated the composition of the plan. Seven strategic objectives were created to encompass the feedback and guide the department on a clear path to achieving the Agency’s Mission. 

Full document here:  2023-2027 Strategic Plan


Achieve a high performing department status through a unified commitment by all members and internal stakeholders of EF&R. Unified Commitment is achieved when we all feel as though we belong to the team, we are unified in our commitment to the mission and goals of EF&R, we will strive to experience excitement and enthusiasm about our work, will look forward to working with each other to ensure EF&R is successful. In so doing, we recognize barriers exist, which must be taken down to achieve a unified commitment. Partners must unify and fully commit to EF&R, assets must be planned and utilized across all partners, labor and management must unite behind what is good for the whole and not personal benefit or preference, volunteers and career firefighters must bridge any divide, and preparation of the department for operational regionalization must occur. Our focus is on what brings us together.