Fire Benefit Charge

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King County Fire District 10 would like to thank voters for renewing its fire benefit charge. This funding source accounts for 23% of the revenue we have to provide emergency services for your family or business.

Fire District 10 funds emergency services with a fire levy of $1 per $1,000 of assessed property value and the fire benefit charge. The rate of the fire benefit charge has declined for the past six years due to higher property values, and cost-efficiencies we realize as part of the Eastside Fire & Rescue partnership.

Eastside Fire & Rescue is a partnership of three cities and two fire districts in east King County. Each city and fire district fund emergency services separately and contribute revenue to the partnership.

We will continue to report back on how your tax dollars are used to save lives and property. Thank you again for your support of emergency services. It is an honor to serve you and your family.


Gloria Hatcher-Mays, Chair

King County Fire Protection District 10

King County Fire District 10 funds emergency services through a fire levy capped at $1 per $1,000 of assessed property value and a voter-approved fire benefit charge. The fire levy is based on the assessed value of a property. The fire benefit charge is based on a structure’s size and use. It takes into consideration that those who benefit more from fire protection services (such as large, high fire-risk structures) should pay more than smaller ones (such as single-family homes).

The fire benefit charge is set annually at a public hearing with your elected Board of Fire Commissioners, and covers operation costs above what the fire levy funds. Operating efficiencies and cost savings from the Eastside Fire & Rescue partnership have allowed the fire benefit charge to be lowered from an average $0.68 in 2017 to $0.29 per $1,000 of assessed property value in 2021.

Voters in King County Fire District 10 first approved a fire benefit charge in 2003, and have renewed it every six years after that. The fire benefit charge accounts for 23 percent of emergency services funding, and will expire at the end of the year. That is why the Board of Fire Commissioners for King County Fire District 10 is asking voters to renew the fire benefit charge during the August 3, 2021 Primary Election.

We appreciate you taking time to learn about this important revenue source that helps us save lives and property. More information about the fire benefit charge can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please contact Scott Faires, Budget Finance Analyst at

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